“Molly Magnificent is My Nanny!”

Angela is the proud author of her first children’s picture book, “Molly Magnificent is My Nanny!”.

“What exactly is a nanny and what do they do?” Xavier is always ready and willing to explain to his friends how his nanny, Molly Magnificent, helps his family in many different ways. She’s there to love and care for him when his parents are at work and she does it while keeping it fun! This book is perfect for children who are soon getting a nanny for the first time, for children who want to know more about what a nanny is, or for children who have a beloved nanny and can appreciate the connection they share with Xavier and Molly Magnificent. Written by a full-time nanny and author, “Molly Magnificent is My Nanny!” is also a great resource for men and women working as nannies in the field. Bring it along to interviews to give to potential nanny families, share it with your current and past charges, or give it as a gift to your favorite nanny colleagues. This book is sure to delight the whole family with Rebekah Lillie’s colorful hand-drawn illustrations and Angela Delgado’s informative and fun text.”


Click here to purchase this book from Amazon.

Click here to purchase this book from CreateSpace.

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